Comment, collaborate and improve your product right on your product

Leave and request feedback right on your live site or app

Leave comments on your live site and ask users and clients for feedback right on your production app, without the need for emails, zoom calls, or adhoc meetings.

Have a conversation about your designs without all the guess work

Which button did you mean again? What designer didn't have this problem? Parakeet allows you to upload your designs as images or PDFs and let you comment away.

Collect and manage feedback using your favorite project management tool

What to do with all the comments now? Parakeet integrates with Trello, Github and Asana to easily capture, manage and act on user and client feedback.

Less chatting, more doing, with actionable comments

It's easy to get carried away chatting about ideas and opinions. This is why we introduced tasks that turn comments into actionable steps you can focus on without all the noise.

Keep versions of all your design changes and conversations

Who requested that change again? With versioning of your design changes and conversations, so that you will always have a record of what has been said and done.

It's like having sticky-notes right on your website, that you can easily collect, manage, act on and never forget.

Johana Echeverry

CMO / Negro & Uva

"Managing my marketing team used to mean screenshots through WhatsApp. Now I use Parakeet to leave feedback that my team understands right away."

Alex Duffner

Product Lead / Athena

"Communicating your designs to developers is very hard, but Parakeet helps me reduce the guesswork and move quicker."

Mike Mac

CEO / Hipstr

"I used to spend hours every week going over designs and revisions with my designer via Zoom calls, now I use Parakeet to do the same in half an hour."

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